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INTRODUCTION:  This morning we will study the formation of the association of ten European nations that will give the Beast his throne and his power to unite the whole world around a Satanic system of worshipping the Beast.  Let’s read about the Kingdom of the Beast.  Read Rev. 13:1 & 17:12-13.


  • TEN NATIONS WILL JOIN TOGETHER “TO AGREE” TO GIVE THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST.  Notice vs. 13 says, “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.”  There will be ten nations of Europe that will join together into a global network.  The political alliance of nations is the beast the woman is riding.  Consider first the beast she rides.  They have and unified goals and a unified power base.  There’s a loosely held agreement among them.


1.  The devil destroys Christians by saying, “Let’s get along.”  Notice the phrase in vs. 13, “These have one mind…” Here is the devil’s policy—Let’s join together and forget about our differences.  Daniel 8:25 says, “By peace [he] shall destroy many.”  I Thes. 5:3 says, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them…”   The devil tries to unite people, especially religions are the goal of social programs for the poor, and the needy.  This seems like a good purpose.  We never see Jesus feeding the poor with the help of the devil.  We are to help poor people one at a time, not in a religious conglomeration that would demand we set aside our convictions in order to do it.

2.  The devil wants Christians to keep quiet against sin.  (Matt. 4:8-9).  The devil tried to get Jesus to join him and not fight him. The beast will try to the conversation away from truth, and only about politics.  In this way the beast establishes a peace among them.  By this same “false peace” Satan tries to get Christians to quit condemning sin.  Sanballat tried to get Nehemiah to join him, and to overlook Sanballat’s distance from God.


II.  ALL RELIGIONS WILL JOIN TOGETHER “TO AGREE” TO WORSHIP THE BEAST.  (Rev. 17:1, 15, 18;  Rev. 18:3-8).  The Bible discusses the judgment of “the Great Whore.”  She is part of the kingdom of the beast.  First let’s find out who this woman is.  And then we will see what happens to her. 


  • “The Great Whore” is not a real woman. (vs. 18).  This woman is only a symbol of something.  Vs. 18 says that she is a great city which controls people all over the earth—it says that she “reigns over” them.  Notice in vs. 1 says this woman is sitting on many waters.  Vs. 15 says, “The waters…are peoples, and multitudes, and nations…”

  • “The Great Whore” is a bad woman.  (Vs. 1, 5)  She is called “a whore” in vs. 1.  She is also called a “harlot” in vs. 5.   Here is a city—a wicked city—controlling many people.  But their control over people is evil.

  • “The Great Whore” is a religious woman.  Rev. 18:12-13 says that she deals in the “souls of men” (vs. 13).    One day all the religions of the world will all join together to become a global religion. That religion is this very hour adopting the name Chrislam.  A whore is all about adultery and immorality.  “Adultery” is often a symbol of idolatry.  Ezekiel 23:37 says, “With their idols have they committed adultery.”   This religious institution will institute the worship of the beast and his image.  By requiring everyone who receives the mark to first bow to his image, they can flush out the Christians, because they will refuse to do it.  This is merely a rouse in order to identify anyone disloyal to the Antichrist and his kingdom authority.

  • “The Great Whore” is in a specific location.  (Rev. 17:9).  This false religion will be headquartered in a seven-hill city. Rome is built on seven mountains.  All the religions of the world will join together under the leadership of Vatican City.  The Great Whore will be organized and expanded with the help of Catholicism, but will be a combination of all world religions.  They will unite around the beautiful rituals of lighting candles, and chanting prayers, and formal worship, instead of truth.  The Bible will be cast out.

  • “The Great Whore” will be judged by God for it’s false worship. (Rev. 17:16).  Notice here God’s hatred of false religion.  This one-world church that worships idols and bows to the beast and his image, God will burn it. 


III.  TRUE CHRISTIANS WILL NOT JOIN THE FALSE RELIGION OF THE BEAST. (Rev. 18:4).  God’s people are told to come out of this false religion because God will judge it.  God says, “Come out of her.” 


  • Christians sometimes believe they can change the wrong. Only God can change people by salvation, not by reformation.  People don’t change institutions; Institutions change people.  Someone has said, “First we form our institutions and then our institutions form us.”  We can’t change the wrong because the reason people do wrong is their sinful nature, which is still there.

  • Christians sometimes believe to change the wrong they must be “with” wrong.  (II Cor. 6:14-18).  Notice vs. 17.  The devil says, “Go to the rock concert and listen to their music with them.”  He says, “Go to the bars and drink with them.”  And he says, “Go to the false religion and worship with them.”  But God says, “Be ye separate,”

  • Christians sometimes believe that a religion is supposed to please their mind and emotions.  Many people stay in false churches because they feel good there.  John 4:24 says, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  Therefore God says, “Come out of her my people.”  Feeling good isn’t the standard for truth and right.


IV.  THE KINGDOM OF THE BEAST WILL BE CONTROLLED BY A SATANIC TRINITY.  (Rev. 19:20; 20:10).  Notice the “false prophet.”  This man will be a religious leader—a prophet, but a liar.  He will work behind the scenes deceiving people.


  • While the beast works out front politically, the devil works secretly behind the scenes.  Satan always hides what he’s really doing.

  • The false prophet deceives people with miracles and lying wonders.  (Romans 13:11). People accept what religion says without questioning.  Miracles instead of truth become Satan’s proofs.

  • The beast will use others to do the dirty work he himself does not do.  Someone has said, “Good people use things and love people.  Evil people love things, and use people.” He will use people for his own selfish ends, and then destroy them.


CONCLUSION:  We see in some of the details of the kingdom of the beast what Satan is like.  He doesn’t love anyone.  People are only puppets to him.  And when Satan is done using peopl

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