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The place to grow spiritually

We want every person that comes to PVBC to grow not only in their knowledge of the Bible, but also a deeper, closer relationship with the God of the Bible. Here at PVBC we put an emphasis on living practically what we learn Biblically. 

The place to make lasting friendships

Fellowship with like minded believers is an important part of the Christian life. We hope that you will find someone that will be an encouragement to you, and also that you might be an encouragement to someone else.


The place to make a difference
Living in a unstable world, we want to bring the stability back to the lives of every person. PVBC is all about reaching out to the spiritually lost, inspiring a new hope, and giving them something to live for. We are in the business of changing lives.


Pastor and Mrs. Bowser
Pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Pastor Bowser started the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Tracy. He moved from his hometown of Youngstown, OH. Pastor Bowser has pastored two other churches,  Grace Baptist Church of Elmsford, NY and Central Baptist Church of Youngstown, OH.


We are delighted to see your interest in Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. The best way to get to know us is by coming for a visit. We hope you will come an join us this Sunday. May God bless you!

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